It’s Upon You

If you start counting what is unfair in your life believe me it will be countless…but just ask others is life fair to them? Certainly not…yes it may be possible that they might seem blessed in some aspects in which you are not but you are also blessed in other aspect in which they are not. Am I right?




Many of us always feel that cloud of sadness is only upon me. But it isn’t true. I am not saying that anybody has no pain but I am saying that no one is spared by misfortune. Just change your attitude towards life and life will show you happiness. Start everyday with a new hope and make a practice to write at least one moment of the day when you felt happy may be for a second but the moment which bring a smile on your face in your personal diary. It may be anything like a wonderful weather, smile of a child, a warm wish, a hug from loved one, care of mother, chat with friend, bird, gift, good food, warm cloth in winter, cold drink in summer, a shared umbrella in rainy days, good reading stuff, like from a reader and many other things. After sometime when you will open the diary and will go through the list you will surely feel how lucky you are.




You might be a failure in love, in studies , in career; you might be not blessed with good friends,family, colleagues; many of your dreams might not be converted into reality; you might be bad at sports; you might not have good looks or good figure SO WHAT??? It should not change your attitude towards life. Because life is always fair but it may be not like our fantasy but it is perfect in its own way.




So forget your bad days, unfair boss, unfair lover, unfair parents, unfair decisions which had affected you and go search your happiness because you deserve to be happy not gloomy.




Now common share your smile with me a biggggggggggggggggg smile of joy, happiness n enjoyment…




Share your best moment of the day in comment box.


7 thoughts on “It’s Upon You

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