Daily Prompt: Honorific


         I will choose my grand pa (in Gujarati DADA) to give honor today…He is no more on this earth but always inspires me through his memory..his love for me is still around me.

         He taught us many good qualities not through words but through actions…what should I write about him/ because Infinite is also not enough…I learned how to live life and how to be happy in any situations, how to tackle difficulties, how to make others happy, how to care animals, how to love nature, family values, honesty, self respect…oh the more I write about him, my eyes will get more wet.

        I want to share one little talk between us. Once I was very frustrated about my college and behavior of classmates about pleasing professors for extra marks which they didn’t deserve. I told angrily everything I hate about one of my classmate. At that time he told me very calmly that, “Everyone has their own character and values in life, if u chose to be honest its completely your choice and that doesn’t mean you have to blame others for dishonesty, every person is of a different kind and you have to accept them for their good and bad, if you don’t like anyone’s behavior just make sure that you never do such things. If you are choosing to be good you have to accept every outcome that accompanies it. But my child believe me though the path of truth and honesty is difficult but it will surely make a change after some years.”




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