It’s not first or last it’s whole Journey

Daily Prompt: First!

Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

Whenever we hear about first day it doesn’t come alone it comes with excitement, nervousness, anticipation, new things, new experience etc. etc. But do we really enjoy a day or the whole process or journey?? Take it first day of college or professional life, first day as parent or lover, first day of cooking or playing. We don’t only remember that we remember the whole series of step towards something.

First day of school is always boring as we don’t know anyone, we don’t have any friends and the whole day we have to listen introductions to subject or teacher but think of the day may be 20th day or 50th day…there are so many friends, there may be some interesting topics to be learned, there may be some appreciation from teacher for our good progress. Isn’t it more important??

Let’s talk about love many of us might remember the first ay of accidental meet with soul mate or first day of marriage proposal but after some year does it matter to you? or you would love to remember about 15th day when he/she gave you some surprise or when he/she admired your efforts? when he/she cooked a meal for you?

And what about first day of success? If you got an award do you remember that day only or you will remember past many days when you dreamt about your success and started efforts towards achieving your goal.

So my point is though first day is first, it is nothing in compare to the whole sweet Journey. Have a blessed day ahead.



Daily Prompt: Childlike


Childhood is such an awesome time of life that we never regret on anything…today was my bad day but when i started to think about this theme I come to feel that why shouldn’t we react to all bad things as though we are a child…I  just think to share my regret in simple way as i can tell to a child but at the right moment i changed my mind and traveled to my childhood and thought if I am still a child how I react to the same thing and my sorrow is gone now I feel no need to regret……

Enjoy this joke it will make my point clear:

After getting zero in exam daughter to her mother: Mom Teacher gave stars to many but as I am special she gave me this cute full moon!! 🙂