evernew me

I am Dr. Priyanka Mehta homoeopathic consultant by profession. I am from Gujarat, India.

This blog is an effort to express my inner voice with creative people. Everyone has some hobby but for me everything I do is my hobby, u know, how can i bound myself to do only few things?? while there is lot of art and creativity around me. I love experimenting myself in every field. When I am in my consultation room I want to cure every cases and be the best doctor, when I am cooking I cook like a chef imaging my dish as canvas and preparing food like painting ..colorful with good texture and yes of course tasty 😉 , when I m in mood of photography I capture different visions, gardening, reading like a book-worm, traveling, rangoli making, sports, music, dancing and many many many more…the list of my hobbies is never ending.

And I believe the same about people..I found every new person interesting and every known person interesting in new situations..rather to judge I love to observe and understand all persons…and I always find something new in them.

So lets find out if we find something common, an invisible thread, thoughts of same wavelength between both (rather to say)  all of us…..


2 thoughts on “About

  1. bhavoo says:

    Hi, just leaving bit of feedback. There is no way of navigating your blog. clicking on the header takes you to About Page. Please let me know, if you need help.

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